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Michael Jackson “On the wall”

Haven’t been here for a good looong time. Not the best excuse, but work kinda took my whole summer and tried to enjoy as much as I could the moments off work.

For example, recently I finally managed to go to National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square to see Michael Jackson exhibition – ”On the wall” . It was an exhibition I couldn’t miss.!!In the first place because,hey, we are talking about Michael Jackson here, the king of pop. Also, BOSS sponsorships this event and of ocurse, as being part of  this BOSS family I was really curious.

Second reason but not the last: because I start beeing part of the event once I had the pleasure to style some of the special guests, celebrities invited for the opening day. Was really interesting to work with them and discover their view over the outfit that each one of them wanted to wear. Have to say thay being a personal stylist I super enjoyed.

Back to the exhibition, it’s a must see! Will take like an hour and a half if you spend time reading and absorbing as much info as you can, but I guarantee is worth going there.  You can do this until 21 October 2018 and is open daily from 10am  until 6pm and on Friday until 9pm.

This exhibition explores the influence of Michael Jackson on some of the leading names in contemporary art, across few generations of artists and was opened to coincide with what would have been Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday ( on 29 August  2018). Michael Jackson: On the wall brings together the work of more than 40artists, pieces from public or private collections around the world, together with some new works created especially for this event.

Has a special importance for me as there is a room about Romania and Michael Jackson’ s concert in 1992. I was just 5 years old at that moment and lived in a communist country until 1990. I was not one of the people that attended the concert, unfortunately. He was the first worldwide magastar that had a concert in Bucharest after Revolution and this was a big thing for Romania. People  from all over the country came to the capital for him. Around 10.000 fans made “23August” stadium ( now National Stadium) to seem  way too small  for this huge event. Videos from that day show people crying of excitement and happiness because they are living that moment. Wish I was there!

Well, hope that I made you curious enough to go an see the exhibition and also the videos from his concert in Bucharest. Here is one of the them

And just few pics from the exhibition:


main add


about Bucharest




Enjoy the visit and feel free to write me and tell me about your experience and what did you feel being there or even listening again Michael Jackson.

Untill my next post, stay happy!!!



Cakes and fairy tale

Cakes and fairy tale

Rainy lazy day in winter is the perfect moment to write a new post while enjoying cup of hot chocolate. And to beat this grey day here I come with some colours. And some  really yammi cakes, biskies and macaroons.

Discovered this place  last year thanks to a friend, that took me there one day after work. And was such a nice way to end up a week:)

And you will probably ask yourself why I named this post like this.Well is because this is how I felt when I entered in the bakery- like I’m in a fairy tale and not in London anymore.

Imagine the narrow side streets of Soho on rainy evening (when i first went there was raining) and on a corner you find this bakery.  Perfect place to run away from this weather: cosy, warm and  sweet 😀 Even if you are in  a rush you can’t miss the amazing cakes from the window and you will feel immediately a desire to get in an enjoy a slice. But if you don’t have time, don’t worry. They do take away boxes as well.Super tempting! Have to warn you: it will be a difficult to decide what you want to have:)

The place is called Cutter & Squidge and I think is the perfect place to go if you want to have an amazing afternoon tea experience or even if you and your friend want to eat something nice. The amazing birthday cakes are just too good to be eaten and can be a fab surprise for your friend’s birthday! They also do wedding cakes, so  if you are getting married this is for sure the place that you need to check and get your cake from  😉

When you get in is like you are stepping into fairy tale, cakes fairy tale .:)) The smell, the way the place is organised and the cakes…aww the cakes are just a-mazing! So amazing that you will probably feel guilty that they will get cut to be served. Awww and because is England and everyone loves tea, there is a big selection on tea as well. You can book afternoon tea day, but make sure you do it in advance. It’s always difficult to do it last minute because there is no availability.

I will tell you also how is the price range. Can be placed slightly on the expensive side for a piece of cake, however the size of it makes the difference £5,30 to eat in. The staff is very friendly and I’m sure you will enjoy the staying.

Ooook, maybe now is time to actually share some pictures as well 😀

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I’m sure now this place is on your list and I can assure you if you go there you will love it. For more and more info visit Cutter & Squidge website here

You will love it 😉