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Monthly Archives: November 2017

A Christmas Prince

You can definetely say that Christmas spirit got me. After an amazing day at the Science Museum with my friend, we went ice skating just in the park that is next to the museum. Nothing unsual, just maybe the fact that we actually watched others skating and we were just taking pictures for our insta account…;))

The cold and the fact that we were hungry  helped us to end the photo session quick and end up having a meal in a burger place. Dinner problem solved.:)

Went home and decided to watch a Christmas movie.  Made a tea and sat cozy, ready for my Christmas movie night:).I found “A Christmas Prince” . Very good title to describe my mood :), although my friends always tell me that I’m too old to believe in prince charming. But i know he is there…somewhere, but just lost at the moment because he doesn t have my new post code :)) But this is another story.

I knew I will like the movie immediately. But I didn’t have any idea that I will be so excited about it. Have to say it! Not only the story and the actors are amazing, but the location:  is filmed back home in Sinaia, at Peles Castle. Awwww…made me miss home soo much!!!Especially now when everyone is talking only about Christmas and I wish more than anything to be home for Christmas. (Have to say though that the Christmas light in London are the best)

Coming back to my subject, I won’t write  a review for the movie here, but I think everyone that  deep down believes in princes should watch it.  I don’t say anything about princesses just because I doubt that a guy will watch this movie…alone.Only maybe because is his girlfriend’s turn to choose the movie 🙂

Doesn t even matter if you have found your prince or not.You will see how beautiful Peles Castle is and I m sure you will want to learn more about Romania and  about the castle. And why not, planning your next holiday there 😉 You will love it!!! ( not saying this just because is my country, just because it is indeed amazing)!! The way the Castle was decorated for Christmas, the snow and all the film frames blend perfectly with the story. The best place to film this!!

No more words! watch the movie! Is perfect for a winter evening and doesn t even matter if you are watching it alone or with your prince 😉 Enjoy the views.!


Write soon ! Have a fab week all! 🙂